Why a broker?

by Bjoern | 09. Oct 2017 | Our Service

A frequently asked question is:
Why should I switch on a real estate broker when selling my property? You may think: “Taking pictures, upload on the web and do sightseeing? I can do it myself!
But whoever has dealt with the matter of real estate sales or leasing will find that a broker makes much more than a few photos. A trained and expert real estate broker carries out this profession on a daily basis and has sound market knowledge, appropriate marketing tools and the necessary equipment. He has many advantages over the retailer in order to be able to offer the property professionally:

The broker usually begins his work with an independent and free valuation. Nobody wants to sell his object below value or set the price too high. After completing all the formalities, e.g. in order to obtain the relevant documents, the broker focuses on an optimally matched presentation and application of the property.
High-quality photos and creating ground plans, a good description and a perfect presentation – these are the landmarks for the successful sale of your property. Of course, the large, international customer base is also enormously important from paying prospects.

An increasing problem is the widespread so-called “tourism tourism”. To minimize this, your broker must carefully check the incoming purchase and / or rental requests beforehand. Of course, your broker always has the right answers to all questions from the prospective customers.

Once a buyer has been selected, the real estate agent uses all his negotiating skills so that all contracting parties are satisfied when signing. Subsequently, the purchase contract is prepared and the contract is signed by the notary with the signature of the notary. In this way, real estate sales with real estate agents generate on average 5 – 10% more revenue than a sale without a real estate agent. Of course, we are always happy to help you, even after your certification!

Have we piqued your interest? Simply contact us! Our database contains about 20,000 international customers. Maybe it’s the right one for your property among. And with the specialization of our team in different disciplines, we will surely find the right sales strategy for you – transparent, serious and reliable!