Selling a property for the best price? – Tendering procedure!

by Bjoern | 30. Jun 2017 | News

More and more often, one sees or reads it: the tendering procedure. But what exactly is it?

In short, it is a sales strategy. Imagine you want to sell your property and publish your offer on the internet. Everyone knows it, or has at least heard of it, it hails inquiries literally. Now every salesperson is confronted with the same big questions: How do I find the right price and which buyer is really interested? Since you want to sell your object successfully and at the best possible price, there are several possibilities to face the storm. However, the solution to this is quite simple: Take a tendering procedure with us!

Together, we set a starting bid and a period of time for giving bids. Afterwards, it is up to the buyer to bid a price for the desired object. On average, this process produces up to 15% higher prices. There are two bidding sessions. In the first round, each interested party can submit an offer. In the second round, only the interested parties entitled by you make another bid. Your additional advantage is that it is usually faster than traditional sales processes and you as a seller are not bound to an offer.

You may ask yourself now: if it seems that simple, why should I turn on a broker for this? Do not be fooled! A bidding process requires an enormous amount of organization and bureaucracy. Without the appropriate expertise, there can be high liability risks. Our specially trained employees guarantee a smooth and fast process.

Have we aroused your interest or would you like more information? Then join us!