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Currently, real estate in Berlin is coveted as never before. In order to successfully sell your property, you may need a reliable partner at your side. Only with confidence and discretion you can reach the prospective customer and achieve your demanded price. A free valuation of your property is self-evident for your real estate agent. A good real estate agent, however, offers you much more!


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Why a broker?

The sale of your apartment or your house in cooperation with a broker has countless advantages for you:

In recent years, the real estate market in Berlin has developed rapidly. Some properties were sold at a price that could not be estimated before. However, owners’ expectations are often not fulfilled. It is particularly important to keep an overview in order to make the right decisions. Many factors, from energy certification to the priority notice of conveyance, have a direct impact on the value of your property.
An experienced broker has all these factors in mind. In a personal interview with the seller, he determines a reliable and realistic price of the property. This saves your valuable time! With our versatile professional backgrounds and our broad range of real estate knowledge in Berlin, we are able to create the trustful base for the successful sale of your property. Our ambition is always to offer you the best possible decision. Your biggest advantage:
The real estate agent offers everything out of a single hand, from the evaluation of the value to the solicitor’s office, and all this usually free of charge for you as the seller!


Our catalog for your real estate sales includes:

  • Current valuation of your property and the achievable proceeds
  • Reliable and discreet mediation between seller and prospective buyer
  • International customer clientele
  • Comprehensive, day-to-day database
  • Presentation on our multilingual website
  • Published in the largest real estate portals
  • Customer-oriented marketing
  • Direct placement to well-known property developers
  • Preparation of all relevant documents up to notarial certification
  • Individual visits
  • Management of sales and price negotiations


Real Estate sale by bidding process

The bidding process is a special form of real estate sales. It is similar to an auction. Together with the broker, the vendor sets the starting bid and a period for giving the bids. There are two bidding sessions. In the first round, each interested party can submit an offer. In the second round, only those who are named by the owner are entitled to another bid. On average, this process produces up to 15% higher prices. Your additional advantage is that it is usually faster than traditional sales processes and you as a seller are not tied to an offer.
But here, too, the devil is in the details: the bidding process requires enormous organizational and bureaucratic efforts. There are also possible liability risks which may delay or even prevent the sale. However, our employees, specially trained for this process, guarantee a smooth and fast process.

Real Estate – as unique as their owners

There are many reasons to sell a property. Every reason is unique, and so is every sale! We meet your individual needs with competence and experience as well as the conviction that every property is special. No matter whether it is your apartment, your house or your lot, we will take care of your treasures as if it were our own!
It honors us that our customers always gladly return to us and share our quality requirements. If you would like to sell your apartment or your house, you can also visit us for a non-committal conversation and a cup of coffee in one of our offices! Our telephone number is 030-450 870 95.

Commission for your tips

You know someone who wants to sell his property? Then pick up the phone or write an e-mail and give us your tip! We are constantly looking for interesting properties in and around Berlin for our noted, buzzing customers. If the property is not yet known to us and we can sell it successfully, you are entitled to a commission of 10% of our brokerage. It is no matter whether it is an apartment, a house, a lot or a commercial property: we have always a clear ear for your tip and look forward to your contact!

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