Stylische Bar im besten Kiez von Friedrichshain

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Category: Price per m²: 4957 Objectnumber: FH20BOX105GEWE (1/1086) Total Area: 201,71 m² Buying Price: 1.000.000 € Selling Area: 156,00 m² Commission: 6,96 % inkl. MwSt. vom beurkundeten KP, verdient und fällig mit notarieller Beurkundung Firing: Long-Distance Heating


It is a typical Berlin old building, with a front building, a side wing and an adjacent transverse building. The entrance area next to the staircase, with its stucco and Art Nouveau paintings, has been worked up with great attention to detail. The building comprises a total of 24 apartments with – typical for old buildings – spacious floor plans and two commercial units. The property is heated with district heating.



The property is located in the heart of the cultural Friedrichshain. Due to its central location and very good public transport links (underground, bus, tram), this district is known for its high quality of living. The area around Simon-Dach-Straße and Revaler Straße is a trendy district with a lively nightlife and cultural life that is known beyond the city limits.


The object shown is a commercial property of approx. 201.71 m². The commercial unit is currently used as a bar and is rented until March 31, 2026. The annual net rent is € 24,000. From April 1, 2021, the rent will increase in accordance with the increase in the consumer price index for Germany (as of 04/2017 ). The Index is 109.000.

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