Listen! Construction of 9 terraced houses at the birthplace of radio broadcasting

by Bjoern | 18. Aug 2016 | News

Even King Frederick William I appreciated the short distances and the charming surroundings of the place in the early 18th century – and gave the city its name. Surrounded by more than 70 lakes, a vast network of waterways and green forests you need only 5 minutes by bicycle  to the center of Königs Wusterhausen, within 8 minutes you reach the main train station. From there you only take 30 minutes by train to the center of Berlin.
At this historical place were the first words transmitted via radio. Astonishing how much has changed since then… In the midst of a conservation area of Prussian brick buildings arise today a total of nine terraced houses. The architecture is carefully fitted into the environment: beavertail cover the roof, clinker base and wooden windows are just a few details of the intricately designed ensembles. Of course you will enjoy the benefits of a new built house with energy saving KfW-55 standard, what means the houses only use 55% of the energy of a comparable standard house.


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