Brauhausberg – Potsdam’s most beautiful view

by Aida | 01. Aug 2016 | News

The Brauhausberg is the highest mountain of Potsdam and a place with an exciting story. Until the early 18th century planted with electoral vines, the first royal brewery was founded here at the site of a former granary in 1716 under the “Soldatenkönig” Friedrich Wilhelm I. In the mid-18th century his son, Frederick the Great settled here masons and carpenters. In his Prussian thrift Old Fritz made them the parcels available, the worker had to do the building work all by themselves. Thus, a small, lively neighborhood founded on the slopes of Brauhausberg, very popular for it’s location around the brewery. About a hundred years later among the brewers Adelung and Hoffmann founded the first Potsdam private brewery, in which the “Potsdamer Stange” was brewed, famous again today. The Brewer family Hoffmann also acquired a house in the former Schützenstraße and had it rebuilt into a tourist restaurant, including a private viewing tower. From the “Wackermannshöhe”, as it was called, the citizens of Potsdam had an incomparable view over the Havel river to Potsdam: one perched above the city, looking literally at the king’s plate.
It is in this house, the former “Wackermannshöhe”, currently being developed very individual condominiums. The special architecture of the ensemble with its viewing tower is considered as well as the exposed location in Potsdam cityscape. So the tower, for example, again provided with a crenellated roof terrace. A luxurious penthouse offer thoughtful comforts. In the underlying floors can be found at this point living spaces, letting in their round appearance light from nearly all directions. Furthermore, an elegant bungalow with glass roof is made at the foot of the historic building. In another new building on the site 2 condos are still available.

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