Mitten in Mitte



The house was built in ca. 1910. It’s in a very good shape, with many recently done improvements. There are 10 apartments in the house and a newly formed rooftop-apartment is under construction. In connection with the building of the new rooftop apartment, a complete new house roof and a lift, with stop at all floors, will be made. New high quality windows and balcony doors will also be added to all apartments. The house is heated with gas. The heating system will be modernised this year (2021) with new and more effective gas heaters in all apartments. The house has a full basement with storage-rooms for all apartments. A nice backyard and a shared shed with space for bikes etc. is also available for use. In addition, the seller has paid 40.000 Euro into the common account for the house that can be used freely by the new owners to make any further desirable improvements, e.g. in the staircase.




Here you will feel the pulsating city of Berlin. Take a walk alongside the old Wall, where the Berlin Wall once ran through and let the history of this remarkable city sink in for a moment. Sit in one of the many cozy cafes or restaurants in the always lively Oderberger Street and have a chat about life. Have a late night drink in one of the bars in the old brewery “Kulturbrauerei” and enjoy an exciting night. Visit the famous flea markets at Mauerpark or Arkona Platz and bargain for antiques. Take the subway and in three stops experience the hectic of the big city and shop in the many shops around Alexander Platz. What this wonderful city has to offer seems limitless.
All just a short walk away. Simply one of the best locations in Berlin (if not actually THE best) with all what your heart could ever wish for.
There is plenty of choice on schools and kindergartens in the area as well as child-friendly parks and playgrounds. Indeed a very good neighbourhood for families with kids in all age-groups.




All apartments are equipped with good sized balconies that are facing the sunny open backyard towards the south. For the two ground floor apartments, there are big private terraces in the backyard as well. Big modern windows that let in a lot of light are to be found in all apartments.






Size From 55,83 m² to 79,81 m²

price from 379.000 € to 600.000 €