Let go anchor at Richardkiez

by Ingo | 23. Mar 2016 | News

The Richardkiez is located in Neukölln Rixdorf, one of the oldest parts of the city and one of the most popular residential areas of the city and still forms the cultural center of Neukölln. Berliner love the Richardplatz for its popular festivals and the varied gastronomy. Many heritage buildings, around the Richardplatz, forms the  special historical character of the neighborhoodThe cozy Comenius Garden, which is primarily maintained by schools, provides space to relax. Here lives the neighborhood up!


Old building meets modernity

Old and new, connected by a common courtyard, meet for 30 new residential flats. The sizes vary between 52 and 100 m². A highlight of this Condominium is located on the 6th floor of the newer building: 19 hobby rooms, 17 with terraces. Your car can be parked at the underground car park. The urban living spaces offer a bright view and are also open to inspiration. The design of the apartment can be customized, like in line with your new surroundings.


Object data

Storeys:7 & 5
commercial unit:1
Sizes:52 m² – 100 m²
Plots:Underground car park


The modern and bright apartments are with two to four rooms. The older building shines with stucco, planks and a decorative facade. You can find apartments with 2.5 to 3.5 rooms.


Project information