Established car dealership with workshop in a prime location

by Ingo | 05. Dec 2019 | News

Successor to an established, free car dealership with a car repair shop in a very good location!



Newly built in 2008, the car dealership has been operating successfully since 1995 with three employees in the field of trade, service and repairs. It has a well equipped with special tools modern workshop (with storage space about 140 m²) with two workstations / lifts, and various office and recreation rooms, a workshop acceptance, a waiting area, sanitary facilities, a kitchen and a storage room (about 78 m²). The workshop is connected to a workshop chain, which can also be taken over optionally. In some areas of the workshop a sole market position exists in this situation. For own use or for subletting further office space is available in the building.

There are about 550 m² of open space available for vehicle sales. The property is well visible and accessible on a busy main road or federal highway with nearby shopping markets and authorities.

The entire company (sole proprietorship) including inventory, building and land as well as customers is now for sale.

Today, the city of Brandenburg on the Havel, measured by the number of inhabitants (currently just under 72,000), the third largest and in terms of their area, the largest independent city in the state of Brandenburg. About 70 km from Berlin, Brandenburg is located on the important for inland shipping Havel. In the urban area, the river branches into several branches and canals that form several islands that characterize the cityscape and regularly attracts many water enthusiasts.

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